About us


Pre-Karditor History

This story started with me in 1996 when I had my first contact with the ID card market, where my challenge as a programmer was to make the WinCard software print with a modular prototype developed by Privilege, that prototype became the P600, one of the fastest modular card printers on the market at that time.

Since then, the ID Card market has grown and changed, I have followed its transformations and I have grown and evolved with it, but always with the same rules, using the tools and technologies that allow the development of state of the art software for this market.


Karditor’s Birth

Twenty years later new challenges arrived with the new cloud and IoT eras. The Karditor software was developed from scratch using the latest technologies in order to be able to respond to global connection challenges.

At Karditor, we have created conditions for our software to grow globally, always taking into account that we have to do it safely.

We are born in the cloud.


Karditor’s Team

At Karditor, people are more important than technology, Karditor is a small team where the experience and maturity brought by the age, meets the freshness and irreverence of the youth.

Karditor is a company created by people for people. It was made by us with you in mind, never forgetting that what is really important in the software is the user experience.


Karditor’s Position in the Market

We believe that this market is still a proximity market, where the end-user always wins from the support given by the nearest distributor. For that reason, we do not sell and we will never sell to end-users.

We are an independent company that develops software for all brands of hardware. We do not give preference to any hardware manufacturer now and we won’t in the future.

We want to contribute to a more competitive ID Card software market with more offers, where there is a place for everyone with fair and healthy competition.

We care about your business. That is why we offer you an online Store where you can drive and expand your business. A place where you can offer Karditor and your other products to your customers.

One place for all your business, Karditor makes it happen for you.

We are excited about the future of the ID card technology and about the way we want to work with our customers, to meet their needs, keep up with the market trends and work in an agile framework with the certainty, that we will easily adapt to change and contribute to the transformation of the ID Card software industry.

If you are a distributor and have not yet been contacted by us, please contact us and we will be happy to let you know more about our line of products, services and how we make a difference.

Rui Faria,

The Founder of Karditor