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What is karditorDesktop ?

No internet connection? Do it the traditional way.

Although we were born in the Clouds, we want to give everyone the possibility to experience our services. karditorDesktop is a desktop application that was developed with the same user interface as our Server and Web solutions, the difference is the possibility to work offline.

Here to be your ID partner.

Everything you need.

Simplicity is the way!

Wether you want to manage your data, create a new design or print a batch of cards, we have the solution for you.¬†karditorDesktop provides you with all the tools and features you’ll need to create professional cards for your business.

Create your own personalized ID cards for companies, schools or even access control.

Solutions for all needs.

Providing a solution for different needs.

karditorDesktop is available in four different editions (Vapour, Stratus, Nimbo, and Cirros), choose the one that better suits you.

Learn more about karditorDesktop editions.

Simple installation process.

Save time with preparations.

Stop wasting your time worrying about things that do not matter and benefit from the fast and easy installation process provided by karditorDesktop’s optimized installer.

Your time is precious!

No connection needed.

No network? No problem!

As a desktop application, karditorDesktop doesn’t require any network connection to run on your computer. Just install it and you’re ready to start creating those professional card designs that you’re business needs.

Nothing can stop you right now!

karditorDesktop Editions

karditorDesktop’s Vapour edition is the first of our solution, the only edition that gives you the possibility to test our interface and workflow. Try it by contacting one of our trusted partners near you.

karditorDesktop’s Stratus, Nimbo and Cirros editions offer you all the basic karditor design and print features, this leaves the main diferences between these editions to the database features.


– Your free software edition.

– Limited basic features.

– Limited internal database .

– Encoder add-on not available.


– Your entry-level software edition.

– All basic features included.

– 5 data records.

– Encoder add-on available.



– Your mid-level software edition.

– All basic features included.

– Unlimited internal database usage.

– Encoder add-on available.


– Your fully featured software edition.

– All basic features included.

– Unlimited internal database usage.

– External database connection.

– Encoder add-on available.

Where to buy.

Interested in any of our Desktop solutions?

Contact one of our trusted partners in order for further details.

Find the nearest reseller here.

Any questions?

Interested in being our partner?

Feel free to get in touch with our sales team! As an independent ID card solutions company, we’re open to working with you.

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