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  • add record in table view
  • word wrap
Bug Fixes:
  • source type change,events not updated in UI
  • mat-select out off screen
  • image editor clipping surface does no terminate
  • cannot change image source to image link
  • Dialog Boxes in small screens missing scrollbar
  • Default paper IDP printers
  • privacy policy
Bug Fixes:
  • auth token expires after one hour
0.3.00322.Feb.2021New Features:
  • Angular 11.2.1
  • Ctrl-P shortcut to print
  • Add more logs to export project web worker
  • Item properties dialog keeps active page by item type
  • Create Items OnClick
  • Items ID
  • item properties dialog
  • Fonts not loaded message changed
  • item text selected after create the text item
  • Zoom fit,
  • ZoomIn,ZoomOut Buttons
Bug Fixes:
  • Desktop and Server does not change to local language
  • Clipping icons same times does not respond
  • Background selection in portrtait
  • First record not selected after refresh database table
  • clipping & fill some times does not respond
  • enter in numeric input
  • copy paste diferent layouts / sides
  • undo stack diferent layouts
  • database current record not sync across db views
  • Preview incorrect layout when multiple layouts.
  • fit to content ignore objects outside design area
  • card designer sometimes does no apear
  • project preview does not respect layout sizes
  • project preview buttons cuted in small thumbnails
  • webcams not working
  • model and layout enable slider wrong state after apply
  • enter not working in login dialog
  • card does not apears when konnector blinks
  • barcodes lib missing in installer
  • konnector mongodb not working (sort fields)
  • sometimes card does not appear after open
  • spinner z-order
  • (PRINT)download connector link appears on print dialog when is running
  • GDrive change photo
  • When Imagitor is cancelled with changes,confirmation dialog opens but main window closes
  • Images spinner missing
  • print get printer list when connector offline
  • Datasource Items apear normal when has erros
  • Barcode does not accept numeric data
  • Barcode minimum size 2mm * 2mm
  • Barcode Error on creation
  • undo not working
0.2.019February 18, 2021- First public beta release