Release Date



0.5.07218.Oct.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Missing server module "probe-image-size"
  • SVG render
Bug Fixes:
  • SVG crop
  • Snap items
  • Default background card color
  • Upload images option "force compression"
  • Translated 30 text segments in the "SK" language
  • Print job error messages
  • Maximum font point size value
  • Print job error messages
Bug Fixes:
  • Snap items
  • Upload images quality setting
Bug Fixes:
  • Unable to print
0.5.06205.Oct.2021Bug Fixes:
  • KPS debug/release
  • Templates
  • Oversize Cards
  • Security Layer RTAI
  • Translated 8 text segments in the "DE" language
  • Translated 86 text segments in the "DE-AT" language
  • Translated 672 text segments in the "KO" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Certificate error
0.5.05725.Sep.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Export cards
  • Align items on vertical cards
  • Print counter current value
  • Color picker alpha support
  • Snap to grid
  • Inches metrics
  • Translated 59 text segments in the "KO" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Multiple "datasource text" items selection
0.5.05521.Sep.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Print counter value update
0.5.05420.Sep.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Print counter value update
  • Encoding / Database
  • Translated the following segments in the "DE-AT" language: cancel
Bug Fixes:
  • Arrange items
  • Print counter variable
  • encoding / datablocks
Bug Fixes:
  • Snap items
0.5.05108.Sep.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Snap items
0.5.05007.Sep.2021New Features:
  • Snap to grid
  • Snap to items
  • encoding
Bug Fixes:
  • Arrange items
0.5.04930.Aug.2021New Features:
  • Align items
  • Distribute items
  • encoding
  • encoding
  • Translated 250 text segments in the "SK" language
0.5.04619.Aug.2021New Features:
  • Local storage on desktop
  • mifare
  • script variables
  • Encoding
  • Mifare
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix design/home not found
  • Mifare
  • Translated 45 text segments in the "DE" language
  • Translated 1700 text segments in the "SK" language
0.5.04209.Aug.2021New Features:
  • Shapes
  • mifare classic
  • hex editor
  • Home button and back Button mixed
  • script default encoder
  • Images/Shapes refactory
  • Angular 12.2.0
  • Hex Editor
  • Numeric inputs
  • Text editor
  • mifare
  • allow scripting on karditorDesktop Large
  • KPS auto startup at script
  • Card colors are now shown on "model" tab
  • Card wizard
  • Translated 183 text segments in the "KO" language
  • Auto collapse designer menus
  • Invert barcode colors
  • Card import
  • KPS scripting
  • Translated the following segments in the "DE" language: back orientation, front orientation, orientation, unlock
  • Translated 1049 text segments in the "SV" language
0.5.02916.Jul.2021New Features:
  • script editor (ngRX)
  • script vars
Bug Fixes:
  • Applying filters on SVG files was enabled
  • Sort button
  • Image editor bottom bar
  • UI changes on the pictures page
  • Tag buttons on the picture search dialog
  • Fonts removed from the installers
  • Create card buttons rearrangement
  • Fit to items
  • Numeric inputs decimal places
  • Text padding on the sides
  • Encoding Wizards
Bug Fixes:
  • Eye dropper was automatically applying the color
  • Encoding
  • Translated 12 text segments in the "DE" language
  • Translated 57 text segments in the "KO" language
  • Translated 172 text segments in the "SV" language
  • Angular 12.1.1
  • Encoding
  • KPS Security layers
  • Translated 18 text segments in the "SV" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Adjusting polygons to item size
  • Empty numeric inputs behaviour
  • Clipboard "cut" sometimes wasn't enabled
  • Two instances of clipboard
  • Mouse wheel on numeric inputs
  • Line caps
  • Translated 48 text segments in the "SV" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Outline on rectangles with rounded corners
  • Designer not showing transparent cards with square corners
  • Translated 45 text segments in the "SV" language
  • KPS
  • Translated 19 text segments in the "DE" language
  • Line selection
  • Translated the following segments in the "DE" language: <<account>> Projects, cloud, print
Bug Fixes:
  • Empty "pages" menu
  • Reload SVG when required
  • Designer multiline text, remove bottom empty lines
  • Use last valid value on invalid inputs
Bug Fixes:
  • Top bar visibility according to the editable setting
  • Part of the grid not visible
  • Selection of overlapped items
  • Color gradient reset button
  • Translated 46 text segments in the "SV" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Barcode text position
  • Translated 6 text segments in the "SV" language
  • Custom system fonts
  • Reset print counter
  • Translated 31 text segments in the "SV" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Read only primary keys
  • Translated 13 text segments in the "IT" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Browser printer
  • Item image as background properties
  • Text rendering options
  • Use item image as background
  • Optional word-wrap
  • Translated the following segments in the "NL" language: <<filename>> upload error <<errorCode>> <<error>>, <login>
  • Translated 24 text segments in the "SV" language
  • Letter spacing
  • Line height
  • Translated 4 text segments in the "SV" language
Bug Fixes:
  • Text positioning
  • Translated 19 text segments in the "SV" language
  • scripting
0.5.00708.Jun.2021Bug Fixes:
  • Items using default size not being properly created
  • scripting add/update/delete
  • Translated 410 text segments in the "KO" language
  • scripting ngrx
  • karditorDestop, remove encoders enumeration by default
  • Translated the following segments in the "DE" language: landscape, portrait
  • Electron 13.1.1
  • Refresh storage images button
  • Translated the following segments in the "DE" language: (c)2018-2021
  • Translated the following segments in the "PT" language: <<account>> Google Drive, create model from scratch, create new project, enable translation tips
Bug Fixes:
  • Chroma key error on SVG files
  • Google Photos wrong aspect ratio when used as background
  • Fingerprint and Signature Cursors
  • scripting
  • myKarditor rtable
  • Signature and Fingerprint cursors
  • KarditorDesktop Air & Small clear printjobs at startup
  • Editions Images
  • KarditorDesktop show license context
  • Editions Print
  • Remove preview image on print
  • Editions Debug Info
  • Editions,Sources
  • Editions
  • Biometic Devices Cache
  • KarditorDesktop,Digital Persona library not loaded
  • Editions Table
  • signature/fingerprint events
  • karditorDesktop,Wacom tablet does not close dialog on ok.
  • Digital Persona
  • Wacom signature devices
  • fingerprint & signature storages
  • biometrics
  • when database connection error occurs,does not respond correct error
  • signature
  • fingerprint
  • kLoader
  • karditorDestkop log machine ID
  • Activation Codes
  • License in use
  • sysAPI updateLicense
  • Localization tips enabled on console
  • Import photos on Excel files
  • Chromakey
  • Color picker
  • Datasource auto create on templates
  • firestore datasource refactoring
  • Templates datasource fields selection
  • Change Company Logo
  • Templates Company Logo
  • Export projects
  • Add user & account on message"No licenses found"
  • Licenses Api list filter by context
  • Cannot print without panels selected
  • Change background on templates
  • Document orientations
  • ODBC trim spaces in string fields
  • Font height calculation
  • Devices enumerator time
  • Logs
  • Allow Access tables to use primary keys with multiple columns
  • Google photos logout when karditor logout
  • kDesktop Google photos UI updates
  • Konnector & kServer correct version & release date
  • Translated 471 text segments in the "PT" language
Bug Fixes:
  • KarditorServer, not print big images
  • KarditorDestkop open chrome tools at startup
  • kServer editions
  • db icon desktop
  • KarditorDesktop, login dialog opens 2x when login fail
  • KarditorDeskop, license UID link
  • Karditor Desktop terminate services
  • KarditorDesktop exit when printing
  • Image paint error invalid status
  • Internal database insert can override data
  • karditorServer Logout
  • Empty text show error on draw
  • Print record selection from active view
  • Edit record from browse view when sort active
  • kServer publish online in account details
  • Portrait Templates appears on Landscape
  • Does not accept <Enter> on properties
  • kDesktop,live camera does not update after start(ngZone)
  • Does not enumerate printers when encoding support is missing
  • kDesktop cannot create accounts when unsupported languages are used
  • Open project by click on preview
  • Ignore sorting by binary columns on Access databases
  • Conditions with falsey values not properly generated on Access databases
  • ODBC error when occurs an error during a query
  • ODBC date offset when saving
  • Electron 12.0.8
  • Angular 11.2.13
  • Angular 11.2.11
  • Angular 11.2.9
0.4.00128.Mar.2021New Features:
  • Angular 11.2.1
  • Ctrl-P shortcut to print
  • Access database driver
  • desktop F12 enables Electron menu
  • design bar compact modes
  • front / back / layouts
  • ignore error on templates preview
  • Undo History database removed
  • printers enumeration
  • webRTC, ignore error on setRemoteDescription
  • Database Forms, possibility to have list boxes
  • Database,field validation
  • Allow using Google Photos with ID unspecified
  • print from design form
  • google photos on desktop
  • Show error when trying to use Google Photos on local myKarditor
  • add more log to karditorDesktop start
  • add error handler to karditorDesktop
  • save dialog in image acquisition optional
  • print receipts
  • starting karditorServer and konnector when the user logs on
  • add record in table view
  • konnector restart timeout 10secs changes to 4 secs
  • does not keep selected image source
  • word wrap
  • privacy policy
  • Add more logs to export project web worker
  • Item properties dialog keeps active page by item type
  • Create Items OnClick
  • Items ID
  • item properties dialog
  • Fonts not loaded message changed
  • item text selected after create the text item
  • Zoom fit,
  • ZoomIn,ZoomOut Buttons
Bug Fixes:
  • konnector and kServer shows wrong version on dialog
  • Print to PDF without konnector
  • Add record in browse view appears without edit recording
  • Allow webcam does not work at first time
  • Update license secondary users
  • Conditional Layouts
  • scroll browse file
  • Konnector,expired authToken webRTC
  • Export projects using localized versions
  • connector looses spooler after name changed
  • Google Photos not loading on karditorDesktop
  • uppercase / lowercase email in invitations
  • webSockets negotiation leak
  • Image preview editing problems
  • take capture internal DB
  • imagitor error loading initial image
  • internal db properties provider does not appear
  • konnector keeps typeorm connections after lost webRTC connection
  • database edit empty image
  • imagitor database blob fails to save
  • sql empty image detection
  • invalid online connector status UPDATE:Angular 11.2.3
  • source type change,events not updated in UI
  • mat-select out off screen
  • image editor clipping surface does no terminate
  • cannot change image source to image link
  • Dialog Boxes in small screens missing scrollbar
  • Default paper IDP printers
  • auth token expires after one hour
  • Desktop and Server does not change to local language
  • Clipping icons same times does not respond
  • Background selection in portrtait
  • First record not selected after refresh database table
  • clipping & fill some times does not respond
  • enter in numeric input
  • copy paste diferent layouts / sides
  • undo stack diferent layouts
  • database current record not sync across db views
  • Preview incorrect layout when multiple layouts.
  • fit to content ignore objects outside design area
  • card designer sometimes does no apear
  • project preview does not respect layout sizes
  • project preview buttons cuted in small thumbnails
  • webcams not working
  • model and layout enable slider wrong state after apply
  • enter not working in login dialog
  • card does not apears when konnector blinks
  • barcodes lib missing in installer
  • konnector mongodb not working (sort fields)
  • sometimes card does not appear after open
  • spinner z-order
  • (PRINT)download connector link appears on print dialog when is running
  • GDrive change photo
  • When Imagitor is cancelled with changes,confirmation dialog opens but main window closes
  • Images spinner missing
  • print get printer list when connector offline
  • Datasource Items apear normal when has erros
  • Barcode does not accept numeric data
  • Barcode minimum size 2mm * 2mm
  • Barcode Error on creation
  • undo not working
0.2.019February 18, 2021- First public beta release